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Faster decisions

Automate the heavy lifting of onboarding your customers using digital footprints.

Increase acceptances

Use comprehensive insights to grow your business and approve more customers.

Reduce risk

Access proven predictive features derived from new data sets to reduce frauds and defaults.


Unlock the power of digital footprints

Build better credit scoring

Tapping into hundreds of non-financial signals Fido powers these alternative data with artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase acceptance rates, reduce defaults and bolster financial inclusion.

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Credit scoring

For credit scoring

Build better credit scoring

Achieve more robust credit scoring and lower direct risk and change how credit scoring works.

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Fuel a lead-qualification engine

Tap into digital signals to make data-driven lead qualification and scoring seamless and pain-free.

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For Fraud prevention

Go to battle against fraud

Fight against and actively detect and prevent fraud as and before it happens.

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One API, hundreds of digital signals

Discover the secret sauce of digital footprints

Digital footprints create a data-backed, data-packed picture of a consumer’s likelihood or ability to take all kinds of actions: Qualify for a loan, default on payments, repay a loan, or convert from a prospect to a genuine lead. Every digital touchpoint leaves a data trace that tells a story you can use.

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Email verification

Instantly detect fake, spam-trap, bounce, catch-al and disposable emails.

Phone verification

Get data on the validity, reachability and roaming status of a mobile phone number.

Device detection

Capture valuable device information, such as vendor name, price, age, and model.

Browser analysis

Collect and analyze customer behavior with browser-based signals.

Web scraping

Retrieve data from all public social media profiles and bios of your customers.

IP intelligence

Analyse IP-based signals, such as connection speed, location and ISP.


Frictionless integration
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Fido powers trust building solutions

Operating on a global scale with world-leading companies, Fido expands what’s possible with digital signals. Activate non-invasive, data-backed insights for qualitative credit, lead and fraud decision-making and create more inclusive finance, credit, lead and business models.

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CRIF investe in Fido e punta a rafforzare la capacità dei consumatori di ottenere credito grazie al digital footprint ed al machine learning

CRIF annuncia l’ingresso nel capitale sociale di Fido Srl. Attraverso questa operazione, CRIF si propone di contribuire alla crescita di Fido e conferma il suo costante impegno nello sviluppo di servizi digitali e innovativi a favore di consumatori e PMI.

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2021-05-24 12:15


1 min

Lead qualification

Lead generation: l’importanza di e-mail verificate

La verifica delle e-mail, come la verifica del numero di cellulare e in generale dell’identità sulle squeeze page e sulle landing page è uno dei fattori principali per stabilire la qualità di un lead.

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2021-05-06 12:00


5 min

Lead qualification

Il performance marketing nel 2021

I digital KPI del performance marketing. Come cambierà il modo di fare marketing nel 2021.

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2021-05-06 09:43


5 min

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Discover how digital signals can change how you conduct online business with faster, more customized services.

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Fido Micro-Credit Scoring

Introducing micro-credit scoring: How to use digital signals in a digital world