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Powering the potential of online economies and inclusion with digital signal data

About us

The Fido story

How it all began

Coming from the world of online payments and adtech, the founders of Fido saw firsthand that the world of how finance runs, how credit is granted, and how people spend was changing. It was changing rapidly and in ways that traditional financial institutions haven’t been able to keep pace with.

This has left a significant part of the world’s consumers out in the cold. These consumers, often young and not part of the traditional credit scoring system, do possess untapped purchasing power, disposable income, and the desire to use credit in different ways from previous generations. Because they represent what is known as “credit invisible”, companies have either ignored them or struggled to offer them credit or understand their risk profile.

Fido was born from this unmet need in the market. With the power of non-traditional, digital signals as data, credit invisibles with little to no credit history become visible. Their devices, their web browsers, their IP addresses, and many other data points, are passively captured to form a comprehensive picture of them as consumers.

And suddenly, digital signals give us a viable way to offer greater financial inclusion and consumer convenience.

Our team

Who powers Fido?

The Fido team is powered by driven, diverse individuals who are committed to the inclusive future of how business runs online and extending that reach to everyone.

Marko Maras

Chief Executive Officer

Paolo Mardegan

Chief Commercial Officer

Francesco Panina

Chief Technology Officer

Lisa Messina

Office Manager & General Administration

Enrico Martinelli

UI/UX Designer

Laura Basile

Key Client Manager

Michele Sangalli

Software Engineer

Marco Cotrufo

Software Engineer

Marco Sanfelice

Software Engineer


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