Fido chosen by to rate the quality of customers acquired online

09 Feb, 2021 - 17:15 · 2 min

Through the detection of the digital footprint, enabled by the Fido platform, key information will be collected to improve the services' activation process

Milan, 9 February – Fido, the digital credit scoring company, has signed an agreement for lead qualification activities with, the first Italian website for the comparison of insurance, personal finance and household products in Italy.

Every month helps over two million users by comparing the best offers on insurance, mortgages, loans, bank accounts, broadband and much more. The partnership with Fido will enable the collection of key information from prospects clients, through the detection of their digital profile.

Thanks to this partnership, the comparison platform will be able to analyze in real time the reliability of potential customers in order to optimize the onboarding process and the call center operations.

Fido's platform is the first in Europe to rate the reliability of web customers through digital footprint detection. Thanks to a patented tracking system, Fido collects and analyzes data that allow to effectively profile users in full respect of privacy. More than 150 digital footprints can be detected by Fido's platform (for example, e-mail address, telephone provider or type of device used).

“The partnership with has a double value for us,” said Paolo Mardegan, Chief Commercial Officer of Fido. “It marks the start of our development activity, which takes place through the agreement with a market leader and proves the versatility of our platform; in addition to being a support tool to rate the consumer's creditworthiness, the detection of the digital footprint can guide marketing and commercial actions more effectively.”