Fido strengthens its offering by integrating Innolva data

23 Feb, 2021 - 10:42 · 1 min

Combining digital footprints with data from the land registry and register of companies will enable an even more comprehensive and effective analysis of customers acquired online.

Milan, 23 February – Fido, the Italian digital credit scoring company, expands the potential of its algorithm thanks to the agreement with Innolva, a leading player in the debt recovery sector and provision of official and real estate data in the corporate and financial sectors.

The strategic agreement will allow Fido to enhance the predictivity of the credit scoring algorithm, integrating to the digital footprint collected online, which represent the core of the detection system, the real estate and corporate information present within the databases managed by Innolva.

In particular, Fido's algorithm will be able to obtain real-time evidence of the real estate assets of the subjects analyzed, thanks to data from notary deeds deposited at land registries.

Business information from the register of companies will also help to better analyse the profile of the customer, in order to make efficient choices in the management, protection and development of the business.

This agreement is part of Fido's path of growth and development, which aims to position itself as a European leader in digital credit scoring, providing a platform able to combine "online" digital signals with traditional "offline" data in a integrated solution.

“The predictive power of a rating model that takes advantage of both hard data, provided by Innolva, and soft data collected online, significantly outperforms those models that use only traditional credit information,” said Marko Maras, CEO of Fido. “The power of our algorithm to effectively combine these two types of data will be key to increasing the acceptance rate and reducing the risk of default on customers applying for loans online.”

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