Increase acceptance rate

Capitalize on vast alternative data sets to assess the creditworthiness of everyone, even the credit invisible and bolster financial inclusion.

Faster decisions

Analyze alternative data instantly to understand true creditworthiness without interfering with the user experience of your service.

Reduce defaults

Dive into digital footprints’ insights and advanced machine learning models to identify risk and likelihood to default more accurately.

New World of Credit Scoring

Change how credit scoring works

For companies operating in a digital world, traditional credit scoring is not enough. Fido makes credit scoring simple, borderless, and programmable.

  • Expand the definition of creditworthy

  • Enable more relevant, accurate credit scoring profiles and decisions

  • Embed a flexible, new approach to credit with digital signals

  • Enhance inclusion and reduce risk with scoring innovation

  • Enrich marketing strategy and segmentation with customer insights

Digital footprints

How Fido Credit Scoring works

Fido uses a lightweight, no-code JavaScript snippet on your website, which non-intrusively collects hundreds of digital signals across all channels. It’s quick and easy to create a digital footprint to weigh risk and identify non-traditional but trustworthy customers.

  • Device detection

Build a user profile with device detection, which delivers an immediate predictor, for example, of income and spending power.

  • IP intelligence

Understand where the user is coming from. Geography, a business or personal IP address can narrow the picture of risk and creditworthiness.

  • Social media lookup

Tap into rich, in-depth public user data via social channels. Learn about user behaviors and habits, which help make determinations about risk and credit.

Credit scoring with digital footprints.

Discover how digital signals can change how you conduct online business with faster, more customized services.