Identify fake accounts

Detect the creation of fraudulent user accounts and stop bad actors from abusing your services.

Reduce chargebacks

Fight payment fraud and make accurate risk decisions pre-, post-, and during authorization.

Increase approval rates

Boost revenue by automating the acceptance of low-risk orders to increase overall approval rates.

New World of Fraud Prevention

Actively detect and prevent fraud

Digital signals help identify bad data with quick, automatic 360º analysis of users. Catch fraud as and before it happens by weaponizing real-time, alternative data.

  • Expand real-time fraud profiling

  • Enable digital signal intelligence for user profiling and background checks

  • Embed flexible IP analysis tools to detect suspicious activity

  • Extend digital footprint intelligence to user safety and security

Digital footprints

How Fido Fraud Detection works

Get transparent fraud scores in seconds. Adding a frictionless, no-code, JavaScript snippet is all that’s needed to get started with active fraud detection and prevention.

  • Phone number intelligence

Learn more about a user by profiling their number, i.e. is the number valid, what country is it from, from what carrier?

  • Email address verification

Test validity of email: does it work, does it bounce, is it a spam trap, domain verification, address age, and so on?

  • Browser and IP analysis

Determine the user’s browser, IP address, ISP, location, proxy use, and other data points to flag suspicious or malicious activity.

Detect and prevent fraud with digital footprints

Discover how digital signals can change how you conduct online business with faster, more customized services.