Reduce cost per acquisition

Identify channels that deliver the highest quality traffic and users for a lower overall acquisition cost.

Increase conversion rate

Optimize campaigns by assigning higher priority to high-value customers and prospects who need immediate attention.

Reduce onboarding costs

Save time and focus the work of your call center teams by eliminating low quality and fake users from their workflows


Take away the pain of qualifying leads

Digital signals are broader than personally identifiable data, provide enough online behavioral data to gain significant customer insight and remove bad traffic, and reduce cost per acquisition.

  • Expand the number of high-quality leads while weeding out the bad

  • Enable higher conversion rates with lower acquisition costs

  • Embed flexible data prioritization to overcome data overload

  • Enhance automated quality control of lead-gen data

  • Enrich data-driven marketing strategy and segmentation

Digital footprints

How Fido Lead Qualification works

Fido verifies and corrects lead data accuracy, helping detect and dispose of fake or outdated information. It uses digital signal data to augment the information provided. An easy no-code, JavaScript snippet is all that’s needed to get started.

  • Phone number intelligence

Verify whether the phone number is valid and in service

Phone number intelligence
  • Email address verification

Test validity of email: does it work, does it bounce, is it a spam trap, and so on.

Email address verification
  • Device data

Determine the user’s device type, operating system, browser and more

Device data

Identify customers and focus on quality leads

Discover how digital signals can change how you conduct online business with faster, more customized services.