Low-risk, high-growth

Capitalize on vast alternative data sets made possible with digital signals. Qualify and onboard more customers with less friction.

Real-time decisions

Make digital signals the basis for more accurate, relevant decisions and approvals while understanding risk profiles and remaining compliant.

No-code activation

Get no-code solutions embedded and running in minutes, no development effort required; see instant results with no disruption to user experience.

Real-world insights

Dive into digital signals’ insights for predictive scoring, customer segmentation and better lead generation and marketing.


Accelerate online lending

For online lending companies operating in a digital world, traditional user data isn’t enough to embrace financial inclusion or develop the kinds of lending products modern borrowers expect. Fido makes it easy to build future-facing lending solutions in a new, innovative way to create your own journey.

Cut out fraud

Take control of lending decisions and account ownership authentication to eliminate fraud.


Get potential borrowers identified and verified faster for better conversion and better risk insight.

Control costs

Deploy digital signal data to boost lending conversion, get money to borrowers faster and reduce fraud.


Create the customer credit scoring and authentication journey that suits your goals and brand.


How Fido delivers value to online lending

Fido technology based on comprehensive digital footprints can help online lending companies reach more qualified borrowers and instantly assess creditworthiness and risk using non-traditional digital signal data.

Assess new credit prospects
Use instant scoring metrics to gauge spending power
Enhance scoring with digital signal data
Reduce credit risk -- lend more, faster
Phishing/bot attacks
Slash risk and lower the cost of fraud


Empower new borrowers & manage risk

Limited only by your imagination, Fido has limitless possibilities for using digital signal data in your bespoke online lending solutions.


Trust but verify

Create a fast, robust way to verify customers in seconds using instant identity verification powered by digital signals.


Pay out faster

Automate payouts for your lending once data is verified to get money into borrowers’ hands faster and lower your administration time and costs.


Assess instantly

Create big-picture insight into borrowers’ financial situation to get real-time risk and behavioral data.