Fido Phone
Fido Phone

Detect non-human traffic

Use Fido Device to intercept and block non-human traffic such as bot and crawlers.

Leverage hardware information

Gain information including user-specific settings, device and browser details.

Optimize onboarding process

Use Fido Device information to prioritize worthy requests and block the others.


Discover our device analytics

Fido's device scoring solution identifies the type of device the customer is using and pulls relevant data to help you build complete customer profiles. Our simple no-code JavaScript snippet is all you need to start gathering device properties while analyzing every user.

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Fido Device in action!

Analyze every customer in more detail by capturing valuable device data for effective lead qualification, risk assessment, and credit scoring.

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Discover how Fido Device works and how you can take advantage of its data to improve your business.

Device detection made easy

Fido Device