Fido IP
Fido IP

Milan, Italy

Speed up decision-making

Fido analyzes each IP address, allowing you to quickly filter the unreliable requests.

Stop suspiscius requests

Fido IP allows you to block suspicious requests and prevent fraud attempts.

Collect relevant insights

Fido IP far more user insights beyond just location, with high worldwide accuracy.


Discover our IP address analytics

All you need to do is provide an IP address for any customer interaction—and you’ll receive valuable information, including geolocation data, ISP, and time zone, to help you validate and determine risk.

Fido IP in action!

Use Fido IP geolocation and proxy detection for a wide range of applications including marketing optimisation, credit scoring, compliance, fraud detection, and security.

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Discover how Fido IP works and how you can take advantage of its data to improve your business.

The power of IP intelligence

Fido IP