Fido Phone
Fido Phone

Reduce onboarding time

Verify your users, eliminate manual reviews, and prioritize customers with phone number intelligence.

Mitigate risk and fraud

Build better risk models that add friction to risky user interactions and help identify fake account sign-ups.

No impact on UX

Score phone numbers silently without interfering with your online customer acquistion funnel.


Discover our phone number analytics

All you need to do is provide a phone number for any customer interaction—and you’ll receive valuable data signals, including information about phone number and user’s network, to help you validate, determine risk and reduce fraud.


Fido Phone in action!

Use Fido Phone to validate phone numbers with over 220 mobile networks worldwide. Check phone status, carrier, porting history, and identity signals without adding user friction.

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Discover how Fido Phone works and how you can take advantage of its data to improve your business.

Global phone number analytics

Fido Phone