Fido is committed to keeping your data safe and out of the hands of those without authorisation.


We use several different methods to ensure that your account remains secure at all times. Your data is also encrypted in our database.


We strictly control who has access to your data, both online and internally. This is done to ensure that your documents are protected against any unauthorised alterations. We also back them up every hour.


Real-time data replication to three data-centres in Europe. We also use automatic failover in the unlikely event that we experience any technical difficulties.

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  • Background check on all candidates.
  • Requirement for all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement and to follow the internal digital policy.
  • Enforcement of device security policies globally through a centralised management tool with monitoring and remediation capabilities.
  • Regular security training for all employees and a quarterly review of internal security policies.
  • In order to separate developing roles from consulting and validating roles, we use a RACI matrix framework for the development and management of all tasks.

ISO 27001

As a certified ISO 27001 company, we are fully committed to securing and protecting your data. We also regularly review our processes to ensure that best practices are put in place.

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Download the security whitepaper